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CAI was founded in 1987 as a computing consulting company. It has customers like IBM, ATT, NCR, Lucent Technology, Sun Microsystems, HP and many others. In 1998, it invested in a products company, Red Hill Networks, specially in developing network related commercial software and hardware solutions. In 2001, CAI Networks started its network division and acquired all products and technical team from Red Hill Networks. Today, CAI Networks evolved into a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced networking hardware and software products specializing in Internet server reliability solutions.

At CAI Networks, we believe our success is after our customers' success. We design and manufacture our products based on our simply principle: easy to use and deployment, long lasting reliability, and reasonable priced.

CAI Networks has its engineering and sales office in United States. We work with resellers and technology suppliers to distribute our products. CAI Network's products are installed worldwide by businesses, government agencies, and ISPs to maintain the reliability and availability of office servers, web sites, portals, and web-based applications.

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