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  CAI Networks' Money-Back Guarantee

Teamed with our resellers, CAI Networks offers a money-back guarantee on all products. Below are the terms and conditions of this guarantee.

+ About our Money-Back Guarantee

You can prove to yourself that our network appliances are everything we say they are by trying them for 30 days without risk. Our Money-Back Guarantee policy ensures your satisfaction. If the product could not to perform in accordance to product specifications you wish to cancel your order within 30 days of receiving the product we (or our resellers) will refund your money, less a nominal restocking fee.

+ Terms of Money-Back Guarantee

You must obtain a RMA number from your reseller on or before the 30th day after receipt of the product.

You must return the product to the point of shipment in its original packaging, which is designed to keep the product safe from harm during transit. The product must be received back within 15 days RMA has been issued, or 45 days from the date you received it. You are responsible for return shipping costs, as well as the safe return of the product. We recommend that you insure the return shipment against damage.

The product must be returned in the same condition in which it was received for you to be eligible for a full refund. If the product is received back in a damaged condition, you will be notified and provided with information for your insurance or shipping company should you wish to file a claim. Should the unit need to be repaired due to damage caused while in your care or during return shipment, such charges will be deducted from your refund.


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