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Santa Ana, CA, March 31, 2010 - WebMux firmware provide Clients Side SSL authentication for free.

Communication securely between the clients and servers over the Internet is a challenge. Many times the clients IP addresses are not fixed, for example, employees working from home, or sales people travel on the road. Traditionally, that is handled by SSL VPN. However, SSL VPN not only has additional cost, but also adds the complexity of configuration and license management. WebMux provides Client Side SSL Authentication has same security as SSL VPN, with no additional cost, very little configuration, and can be used with fixed IP address or dynamic IP address from anywhere in the world. Client Side SSL Authentication can also be used between the branch offices to provide top security encryption.

Normally, SSL encryption is being used in online purchasing or online banking. The standard SSL encryption depends on password to make sure user is who said he is. When hackers repeatedly trials different login and password, it can be broken. Client Side SSL Authentication is different and much secure compared to normal SSL encryption. The server administrator can issue unique SSL certificate for each client. The communication between the client and server are encrypted both way. Client can verify the server′s SSL certificate, server also verify client′s SSL certificates. So that not only password can be used to authenticate the users, the SSL certificate can also being used to authenticate the server. Since the SSL certificate is much difficult to fake(requiring being signed by CA root only known to the administrator), the chance of security breach will be much smaller with Client Side SSL Authentication.

WebMux with its built-in SSL handling capacity can do both the server side SSL termination, as well as Client Side SSL Authentication. If the client sending valid Client Side SSL Certificate, WebMux will pass the details of that certificate to the servers as a MIME header. Server can then further decide if such a client certificate valid or expired. By passing such information to server, WebMux enables server administrators to directing valid user to use its services, and invalid users to a placebo site or drop the connection.

WebMux′s Client Side SSL Authentication is in all new WebMux currently shipping. It is also available to customers with WebMux under warranty and support contract as a firmware update. Customers with out of warranty units can have its firmware updated for a fee. WebMux is an application delivery appliance certified by Microsoft® and Oracle®.

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