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High-performance firewall for controlled IP security

 + Introduction

Whereas the Internet has traditionally been a public network, more and more companies and organizations have been replacing expensive private networks for intra-company data exchange with the Internet. While the Internet can provide much more cost-effective connectivity than a private network, its use creates exposure to intruder attacks, security holes, and other vulnerabilities. Companies and organizations must guard against such vulnerabilities to protect their systems and data, and the private data entrusted to them by their customers.

CAI Networks' FireSafe network appliance creates a firewall between a company or organization's internal network and the outside world. With FireSafe, authorized users pass through with total transparency, while unwelcome intruders are stopped in their tracks.

 + Easy setup and administration

Many firewall products are difficult to setup and properly configure, leaving open holes and creating a false sense of security. By contrast, FireSafe is designed with ease of use in mind, employing a rules-based filtering approach to provide flexibility without compromising security. System Administrators set up FireSafe access rules with clarity and confidence.

FireSafe is administered via a browser-based management tool, so configuration can be done from anywhere that has IP connectivity and secure access to FireSafe. FireSafe configuration typically takes no more a few minutes with no training required.

 + Access control

FireSafe can control access to internal systems in a variety of ways, including time-based, address-based, and authenticated. It can filter or block specified URL and log all successful access and unsuccessful access attempts.

 + Notification and logging

Should an intrusion attempt be detected, FireSafe is able to alert the System Administrator or other designated personnel in a variety of ways, including visual and audible alarms and by sending a page, calling a phone, or sending an email. FireSafe can create SNMP traps for all such activity and also log it to a system log file.

+ Fast and reliable

As FireSafe comes from a market leader in IP load balancing and failover, it offers both high performance and high reliability. FireSafe uses only the highest quality components and does not contain a hard disk or other moving parts.

+ Three-years of technical support included

Each WebMux comes with three years of technical support without charge. During the first three years after purchase, you can receive free advice and help with problems at no cost. In addition, we offer as options:

  • Free factory pre-configuration
  • 24x7 support
  • One-day on-site installation and setup
  • Customized network design and training
  • + Three-year warranty included

    The components of CAI Networks' hardware products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date you receive it. During the warranty period, we will replace any defective component at no charge. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident or misuse, or because of service or modification by other than an authorized CAI Networks service facility. No other express warranty is given by CAI Networks. CAI Networks shall not be responsible for consequential damages.

    You can return the faulty unit to our factory for repair, update, for replacement at our discretion. We offer a 24-hour express exchange service, which lets you receive a replacement unit before returning the defective one.

    + Money-back guarantee

    CAI Networks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its products, permitting you to test them in your environment without risk. Should you decide not to purchase and you return the unit to us undamaged we will refund your money.

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