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CAI Networks works with various partner companies for various purposes. This page describes our various types of partners and has links to find out more.

+ Resellers

CAI Networks has resellers throughout the world that can provide you with information and delivery of our products. Click here to find a reseller in your area and/or one that you perhaps already have a relationship with.

+ Distributors

CAI Networks appoints distributors to work with our resellers. If you are a network consulting company, networking product reseller, or distributor with a focus on quality and service, we encourage you to consider representing us.

Click here to contact us regarding representation, or click here to visit our Distributors page.

+ Alliance partners

CAI Networks maintains relationships with various companies for the exchange of solutions and technology, to ensure that our products work well together, and as needed to develop the best offering for our customers. Click here to find out who our alliance partners are and the nature of those relationships.

+ Custom partnerships

At CAI Networks, we recognize that you may have special requirements. Whether you are a distributor, a reseller, an OEM, or an end user, we are always open to tailoring our programs to meet your individual requirements. Click here to contact us and tell us what you are looking for.



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