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Read about some of the successes our customers have achieved using CAI Networks products:

U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO)

WebMux ensures the U.S. Naval Observatory's NTP servers can always report the correct time: not only to Naval vessels and operations but to millions of clients across the U.S. and 63 other nations.

Read about it in USNO's paper "REFLECTIONS ON TEN YEARS
(WebMux discussed on page 128).

WhiteFence (

WhiteFence is the leading online one-stop comparison shopping marketplace for consumers looking to compare and order essential home services. It connects consumers with the services that power their lives-from phones to high-speed Internet to electricity and beyond.

WhiteFence’s proprietary transaction engine makes it easy for the 25 million U.S. households that move annually, as well as all consumers just looking to switch services, to find the best deals and conveniently set up their home services in minutes.

Click here to read about how this long-time customer (formerly known as QCorps Residential) discovered the benefits of WebMux.

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