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At CAI Networks, we believe the real success of a company is reflected in what its customers has to say about it. We would like to share some things our customers say about us.

Below are some reference quotes from our customers. Many of our customers, in fact, do not know they are even our customers because they enjoy the benefits of our products as customers of web hosting companies that use our products. They may not be aware of how the web hosting company is able to maintain such high performance, reliabiilty, and availability but there is a good chance that they are using CAI Networks′ products for that.

"Very happy with your stuff for a long time. IPV6 works!"

- Mike Sullivan, Chief Engineer, Pax Fire Technology, Inc. [Sept. 2011]

"We were able to update the primary unit 8.7 firmware. We immediately noticed a performance improvement with SSL termination and HTTP traffic. "

- Timothy Barton, CEO, Kingdomware, Inc. [Jan. 2011]

"WebMux works like a dream, I love this product."

- Stewart F. Wilson-Turner, Partner, Chief Tech Officer,, Inc.

"The combination of Microsoft′s unified communications software and CAI′s WebMux provide a powerful new way for people to collaborate while taking the complexity out of communications, CAI′s WebMux is an easy-to-implement solution to meet Office Communications Server 2007 requirement for hardware load balancing at an affordable price. "

- Yancey Smith, group marketing manager, Unified Communications Group, at Microsoft Corp.

"When we were hit with a DDoS attack, CAI was right there on the front line. They quickly stepped in to provide a swift and robust solution. WebMux is the reason we survived a DDoS attack. Thanks to CAI, we now have a load balancer that keeps our web site running lean, responsive, and ready to move on any future event."

- Darren Spurgeon, President and CEO,, a top 300 Internet Retail Site by

"Live Communications Server 2005 Enterprise Edition′s tiered architecture benefits customers by substantially improving reliability, availability and scalability. The WebMux load balancer helps with data center deployment requirements that are critical to our enterprise customers by providing a low cost, high performance load balancing solution."

- Marc Sanders, Senior Product Manager, Real-Time Collaboration for Microsoft, which validated WebMux in interoperability tests with Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005, Microsoft′s next-generation instant messaging and presence-awareness server.

"Reliability and speed are what sold us on WebMux. We have one unit that has been operating for three years, trouble free! The value for our investment far exceeds anything offered by other products. I have since upgraded our WebMux to the WebMux Pros to handle increased demand on my system. I could not be more satisfied."

- James Rowan, CTO of WhiteFence, a resident connection service network company

"We are using WebMux products as our firewall as well as load balancers. Reliability was a key selection criteria when we were searching for load balancers. We are very satisfied with WebMux, particularly with its ease of setup, hot fail-over and on-going reliability."

- Stewart Wilson-Turner, CTO of Voicebank (, the leading B-to-B audio and video audition delivery network in the entertainment industry

"When we installed the first WebMux Load Balancer for our hosting environment, it was a breeze. It has required little to no maintenance, making it very cost-effective."

- Alex Krohn, Founder & Owner of Gossamer Threads Inc., a managed hosting provider [June, 2007]

"Our web business grew rapidly from one to fifty servers - purchasing a WebMux made this growth, and ongoing maintenance incredibly straightforward. We have three now and the original WebMux is still up without failure six years later! Overall, a cost effective, easy to manage solution for any size business."

- Technical Director of World Careers Network PLC, an E-recruitment Software Developer [February, 2007]

"We configured the WebMux units three years ago and have never had to do anything to them or with them. They work flawlessly. As nothing has ever been wrong with the WebMux units, we have never had to do any upgrades."

>- System Administrator, Corporate Telecommunications Services, Verizon Communications, Inc., a telecommunications provider [February, 2005]

"WebMux is a great value product with an extremely good cost of ownership. It is easy to configure and maintain."

- Systems Administrator of Electronic Clearing House, Inc. (ECHO), a merchant credit card processor [July, 2004]

"WebMux was a dream to set up - it took five minutes from box to operation.  It is very easy of use.  We’ve received excellent support."

- RC of Leadclick Media, an online media advertising company [July, 2004]

"CAI’s WebMux was the ideal, cost-effective solution for our load balancing requirements. Easy installation coupled with features suited for our application did not warrant the expensive high performance equipment offered by other vendors."

>- MH of Propay, a credit card processing company [July, 2004]

"The WebMux features and cost of ownership were key in our selection.  We are very pleased with the trouble free performance and will purchase additional units without hesitation as the need arises."

>- Product Systems Manager of Telematch, a printing services Division of Gannett Offset [July, 2004]

"The WebMux burst management feature solves a problem seen with every brand load balancer I’ve tested. So far, WebMux is the only load balancer I have been able to find that solves this difficult problem right out of the box."

- Dan Peterson of The Edge Technology Services, a network consulting company, commenting on WebMux′s BAM feature, which solves a problem that occurs in intensive Internet applications in which the client or application servers repetitively send a large number of domain name services (DNS) requests to the same DNS server.

"This product will shock you with it′s high performance, high reliability and reasonable price. Many large companies have been evaluating this unit and choosing it over the better known companies."

- DatacommEquipment

"Red Hill Networks′ WebMux product as well as their prompt attention to customer and technical services has helped our corporation quickly establish a robust e-commerce solution. The entire support team at RedHill Networks went above and beyond to provide us with excellent service that is rarely found today."

- Andrew Newman, Chief Information Officer of Combined Digital, Inc., referring to CAI Networks′ by its former company name

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your superlative technical support. I haven′t seen this kind of customer support from any company. Thanks."

- Don Randle of Springfield Public Schools

"We have tested it extensively and it works great. So, if you are doing a great job with your site and finding that you could use an inexpensive way to load balance, check them out."

- Jonathan Smith of

"The company came highly recommended from several sysadmins. Now, weeks after we first decided to load balance our farm using a Webmux, we know why these balancers come so highly recommended: they simply rock! We have to say, the Webmux truly has a superior web interface. The boys at RedHill Networks really took some thought to make it easy to administer, yet powerful."

- NeoSeeker technology portal commenting on NeoSeeker′s own use of WebMux [May, 2002]

"Your support is the best I have come across in the industry. "

- Will Collins, Director of Technology of Inside Higher Ed ( [July 2007]

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