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  CAI Networks' High-Avalability Solutions

Availability is key for any Web site or portal: after all, if your site is down, your competition is just a mouse click away.

CAI Networks' products offer the following high-availability benefits:

  • Assurance that your Web site can continue to be accessible despite even the most catastrphophic circumstances
  • Permits Web servers to be added and removed, replaced, upgraded, shut down and restarted, recognifigured, backed up, and otherwise manipulated without user downtime or service interruption
  • Detection and notification of a down Web site
  • These benefits are achieved by CAI Networks' products in the following ways:

    WebMux™ spreads IP traffic across multiple servers in a local network; should any of these servers fail, WebMux immediately detects that and automatically diverts its traffic to other servers in a local server pool.

    DnsMux™ spreads IP traffic across multiple sites in a wide-area network; shoud any of these sites experience problems, DnsMux immediately detects that and automatically diverts its traffic to another location, without interrupting users.

    Should you need to take any server managed by WebMux and/or DnsMux out of service for any reason, such as reconfiguration or backup, WebMux and/or DnsMux will divert its traffic to other servers, without interrupting users.

    WebSpray™can generate a health-check signal to any IP-based server and report on any unresponsive servers, broken links, and other problems.

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