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  CAI Networks' Reliability Solutions

Reliability is probably the #1 concern in any Web-based deployment. If your users cannot trust the reliability of your site, they will find one they can trust.

In any computing environment, failures do occur. Even top-of-the line equipment can fail, or the environment can fail, or any number of things can go wrong. As with any good computing reliability strategy, ensuring IP uptime requires problem detection and automatic diversion around the problem. CAI Networks products support such a strategy using your own redundant hardware, which under normal operations is utilized to increase performance.

CAI Networks products ensures reliability by use of:

  • Redundant Web servers, which under normal circumstances are used in load-balanced manner to provide peak performance.
  • Redundant host sites, which can be geographically dispersed, so as to provide failover in the event of environmental disaster that results in a loss of site. During normal operations, such various host sites are used to provide the fastest response to users by targeting their requests to the site closest to them.
  • CAI Networks also safeguards against problems that could result from the failure of its own products by:

  • Using only the highest quality components, such as U.S.-made fans whose lifespan exceeds that of commercial fans normally used by three years (?)
  • Using solid-state flash disk storage, so there is no hard disk to crash
  • Allowing two of our units to be used in parallel in a failover configuration, allowing one unit to standby for another while doubling efficiency
  • These benefits are achieved by CAI Networks' products in the following ways:

    WebMux™ spreads IP traffic across multiple servers in a local network; should any of these servers fail, WebMux immediately detects that and automatically diverts its traffic to other servers in a local server pool.

    DnsMux™ spreads IP traffic across multiple sites in a wide-area network; should any of these sites experience problems, DnsMux immediately detects that and automatically diverts its traffic to another site, without interrupting users.

    FireSafe™prevents unauthorized access to Web servers, thereby ensuring that they cannot be compromised by intruders and various forms of attack.

    WebSpray™can generate a health-check signal to any IP-based server and report on any problems, as well as detect broken links and other problems.

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