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  CAI Networks' Security Solutions

CAI Networks products are not only able to prevent hackers and other evildoers from crashing or overloading your public sites, they also permit you to restrict private sites to only authorized users.

Achieving security in a Web-based environment can be a real challenge: particularly when controlled access for internal users is required. A proper security strategy will let authorized users get access to what they need when they need it while keeping unwanted elements away.

CAI Networks' products offer the following security benefits:

  • For Web servers for which access is not controlled, immunity from hackers, denial of service attacks, and other mischief.
  • For Web servers in which access is controlled, the ability to limit access to only authorized users, during the time periods and according to the rules you define.
  • CAI Networks' network appliances address security concerns for both internal networked servers and Web-based servers in Internet, intranet, and extranet environments in the following ways:

    WebMux™ offers several security features that are able to block the most common kinds of attacks before they ever reach any inside firewalls or servers, including Network Address Translation (NAT and SNAT), port mapping and default deny any connections, Denial of Service (DoS) protection, TCP SYN protection, and SSL support.

    FireSafe™ creates a barrier between a company or organization's internal network and the outside world, stopping unauthorized users based on an easy to configure, rules-based configuration that features time-based, address-based, and authenticated access control, URL filtering, access logging, and various forms of authentication.

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