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  CAI Networks' Performance-Enhancing Solutions

Performance is a key aspect of any Web-based deployment. CAI Networks products lets you ensure your site is fast for all users, regardless of geography, and even determine the performance capacity of your site.

There are several factors that affect Web site performance, some of which are in your control and some of which are not. The biggest out-of-control factor is the Internet: no matter how fast your own Web serving environment may be, if the user traffic needs to traverse slow Internet connections to reach your servers, the overall experience will be slow. So CAI Networks' products are able to optimize the performance of your Web serving environment, they can also reduce the communication path for certain users by routing such traffic to the geographically closest connections.

CAI Networks' products offer the following performance benefits:

  • High-performance of Web access, despite slow servers, network congestion, and other performance-degrading factors.
  • Ability to easily increase performance and capacity to meet performance objectives at a reasonable cost and without downtime.
  • Ability to know Website capacity and track usage trends, to identify peak demands and know when an upgrade is necessary.
  • These benefits are achieved by CAI Networks' products in the following ways:

    WebMux™ spreads IP traffic across multiple servers in a local network, thereby increasing the overall capacity; to increase capacity, just add more servers, and WebMux will automatically balance their loading among the other servers.

    DnsMux™ spreads IP traffic across multiple sites in a wide-area network, thereby balancing the load between multiple sites. It also lets you position Web hosting at different geographical locations to offer faster access to users near those locations and automatically and transparently determines which location is closest to each user and diverts their traffic accordingly.

    WebSpray™ can stress-test any Web server or server pool to determine what load it can handle. You can use WebSpray to simulate various traffic situations and determine if additional capacity should be added.

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